54 Days of Shutdown?

I dreamed President Trump was complaining that he and his family had been “tied up” for 54 days and the was inconveniencing him. The reaction to his statement wasnt pretty, but by then I was awake.

Today is day 23, January 13 2019.


Give me a reason to live.

I didn’t think I would live past age 21.

There were many reasons for this. Including an incident where I was put under 72 hour watch by the police because I had blacked out and said I was suicidal.

My depression had needed treatment but the healthcare in Louisiana did not afford me the treatment I needed. New York state has been the saving of me.

Weakness is Strength

I listen to industrial, aggrotech, gothic, darkwave music.

I do this to honor the death of millions before us who died so we may live in this modern society.

The freedom-seekers who were willing to die for our freedom. For theirs. For their sons, their daughters. Selflessness.

On the outside, appear weak.

Inside, be immovable.

Remember that.

No matter what country,  language, nationality, be strong through the appearance of weakness. Plato referred to it as Stoicism.

Walk, Walk, Merkabah, Baby.


In 2009, I met someone who changed my life through an online social network. Never doubt the power of connections through the ether. However, after discovering that it was really myself who had initiated the change and not realized it was there all the time, I stepped back. A year later after I had denounced vampyrism as a dysfunctional form of depression and hallucination due to this mental illness plaguing many impoverished individuals who have not had successful mental health counseling (Mine began in 2009), I began the journey that was interrupted from 2004.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Because the fear in you creates doubt, which creates the need to criticize. With the power of a device at your fingertips you can denounce what is not in your view, with your device shielding your eyes.

Deceiving you. Decoding you. You will become the dust from which this machine was made without ever truly knowing who you are.


You can turn it off for an hour and give in to the void.

The void is where your true self lies. Originally I began to write blogs years ago which I have deleted or hidden from myself. My laptop is dead. Now I am free to move as I please while I write.

I created this to write as the angels guide me. Today I was guided to see a video with clips from a song titled “Venus” by Lady Gaga which is done in a style that reminds me of a video from the 1990s, referencing “Altered consciousness” (I won’t name the artist but Lady Gaga emulates them constantly) .

You’ll find it easily enough.

In the video, Lady Gaga travels in a cube. This is a Merkabah. The Merkabah is a vehicle which can transport us in a fifth dimensional travel. Like a tesseract. The prophet Elijah, who is now known as Elia or Earth Angel Sandalphon the Ascended from human state directly to Angel , is guiding me to share this with you all. He used this Merkabah to travel. 

I will write more soon.

See stills from her video below:


Michael on Global Warming 12/26/18

You’re laughing now. But there is a steady increase in global geothermal pressure, temperature, isolating it to one region means nothing when entire ice shelves that existed for eons are melting. There are isolates in the atmosphere, charged particles electro-chemical in nature. Beyond your GED or whatever degree. Please consider this equation: Education > Internet. Internet =/ Education.